Beginner's Guide: 3 Tips on Display Ads

Display advertising is a popular and effective format of digital marketing. Visual attributes are used to capture the user’s attention, increase brand awareness and generate more traffic. This ad format opens up creativity that reflects the brand and creates emotions. It is an effective way to reach and get new customers.

Display ads appear on many different channels such as websites, social media, and apps. The most successful ads combine texts, images, videos, and gifs to stand out in the digital landscape. Here, advertisers can experiment with language, design, shape, and size to create eye-catching ads that engage consumers.

Who provides display advertising?

Professional media companies are very useful to reach out widely. They usually provide niche websites with unique target groups, both in small and large channels. Today, media companies offer ad spots on every conceivable mobile device such as desktop, mobile, and other devices.

There are several ways to buy display ads. CPM (cost per mille) means prices per thousand ad impressions. Advertisers can choose to purchase a specific spot on the web page, or multiple formats at once. There are many different creative formats to choose from in display advertising.

In recent years, many display ads are purchased via programmatic systems. Media companies provide large amounts of data that tracks and controls the ads. Many companies help advertisers to place ads where they reach the right audiences and provide the best impact and result.

What are the benefits of Display advertising?


The ad can be shown to many users who interact with the channel where the ad is displayed. Therefore, the choice of media channel is crucial and it’s important that it relates to the product or service that is being advertised.

Many options

As previously mentioned in the article, display advertising comes in many forms. This allows advertisers to expose their product on mobile, computer, iPad or apps. Combining different formats makes it easier to reach the user depending on where he is.

Measurable efficiency

Given that display ads take place digitally, you have quick and easy access to correct figures, regardless of whether you want to measure CTR, exposure or likewise. In traditional media, an estimate is often made, but with display you get the correct statistics.

3 Tips to make your display ads successful

Focus on USP

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. This is what makes brands stand out in the crowd concerning product, price, service or anything else. Clarify in the ad why the consumer should choose you. This can be done in several ways, but the most important thing is that it’s clear what makes your offer unique.

Clear CTA

An easily understood CTA makes your message clear. A text or button entices visitors to click on the ad and move on to your site. This will guide consumers through their journey. For example, if the CTA is “Find more products”, you will notify the consumer that they will receive more information when they click on the ad. CTAs should be strategically tailored to your goal.

​​Keep the message short

Display ads often have limited space to work with. Covering the spot with text and images can be overwhelming. Advertising fatigue among consumers is a major challenge for advertisers. It is important to leave space for the message to be clear. Use a concise message to explain the value of the product. The fewer words, the clearer key message. This increases the likelihood that the person will notice your ad.


Some final words: Regularly analyze the results of the ads. Segment target groups and determine which channels can reach your desired audiences. To find the right channel, search and find out at Ocast. You'll find several professional media companies with creative Display products.