Bauer Media: Predictions of the Soundscape in 2022

2022 can be ‘the Year of the Ear’. At least that is what Bauer Media Sweden predicts. Johnny Strömgren, Sales Director, tells us more about the sound market’s growth and his perspective on the past year.

Johnny Strömgren, Sales Director

We are approaching the end of 2021 and it’s not an understatement to say that this year, as well as 2020, has been special. The pandemic affected many industries and the advertising industry was no exception. During these times, more advertisers are competing for digital spaces. Channels with audio-based content got a real boost during the pandemic. Johnny Strömgren believes that the trend will remain strong in 2022.  

– The consumption of sound has never been greater. The sound market has basically exploded, and it has definitely been boosted by the pandemic. However, there is a big gap between sound consumption and investments in sound, says Johnny Strömgren.

New ways to reach target audiences

As audio-based entertainment soars, more media companies are investing in content in the form of podcasts, audiobooks, streamed music, voice control, and applications. The popular trend contributes to new ways of reaching people.

– It is now possible to reach target groups through on-demand content. This has changed the consumption pattern, whereas sound is in first place with 155 minutes of time spent per day. The numbers indicate that we listen more than we watch. That’s why sound is expected to create new opportunities as well as in 2022, says Johnny Strömgren.

Johnny Strömgren also emphasizes the importance of offering strategic, data-driven, and creative expertise to guide advertisers and agencies through the new audio landscape.

In a world of unlimited distribution and endless choices, quality content is the most important.

The Hybrid Soundscape

Johnny Strömgren explains how the new media landscape has changed the soundscape. Ten years ago, audio communication was more limited. But today, the accessibility is greater and companies and brands can reach people with new technology and a wider range of communication channels.

Bauer Media calls it The new Hybrid Soundscape. It can be used for various purposes, such as strengthening brand awareness and driving conversion.

– The power of sound comes from the overlap of content between brands, the listener, and the creator. I encourage advertisers to use sound as a tool. Either to create a sound identity for your brand or to solve communication challenges, says Johnny Strömgren.

Ask yourselves: what does your brand sound like?

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