What's new at Ocast?

The team at Ocast is so proud to finally launch our upgraded platform! We have designed features that will make our marketplace even easier and more effective than before. Let us give you a brief overview of the changes.

If you’re an advertiser...

Earlier, you were able to navigate through our website by browsing through hundreds of brands, media companies, and products. You can still do that, but we recommend our latest change; creating an open request.

By clicking on “Create a request” on our startpage, you’re able to fill in your advertising requirements such as target group details, campaign specifications, budget, etc. Lastly, you send the request.

You will receive an email from us with a verification code that needs to be filled in, in order to send the request.

Soon, you will receive messages at the top right corner at Ocast. These are offers from media companies that match the requirements that you filled in your request. They want to collaborate with you!

You can decide whether or not you want to start a conversation with the person who sent you the offer. Once you start the conversation, they can see your contact information and you’re now open to start doing business. Good luck!

If you're a media company...

Earlier, you received requests from interested advertisers by email. Now, we have created a personalized dashboard that collects all incoming requests.

The dashboard will notify you when an advertiser’s open request has been matched with your company. You can shut down the notifications in your profile settings in the dashboard.

The dashboard gives an overview of incoming requests. You can see details about the advertisers’ needs, but you cannot see their contact information yet.

If the open request is interesting, you can send a pitch to the advertiser by making a purchase for 1 credit, which equals 10€. Existing organizations will start with 5 free credits, and new organizations will start with 3 free credits. Organization admins can buy new credits through the dashboard.

Now you have the opportunity to connect with the advertiser! Send a message and explain why you would be the perfect partner for their advertising campaign. If the advertiser likes your pitch, they can choose to join the conversation. Their contact information will then be revealed.

And that's all about open request. If you're a media company, please go to our support site to know more about request overview, notifications and permissions.

Are you ready to get started? Let's go!