How a Combination of Print & Digital Could Improve Your Ads

Within marketing, print and digital often live separately. However, we think that a combination of both can boost each other’s strengths and create greater impact. Here are three ways we think it can improve your advertising effectiveness:

1. More engagement by direct mail
Online advertising might be more relevant than ever due to digitalization, but with the amount of information coming at consumers, it can be difficult to break through the noise.

Just like digital content, direct mail can be personalized by selecting demographics that target the right customers. It is an effective way to engage your audience because there’s less mail in someone’s mailbox than in their inbox. This means that you have a better chance of capturing their attention.

2. Boost your calls to action
All advertising materials should include a call to action, whether they’re printed or digital. It is highly possible to use printed marketing to drive action on digital channels.

For example, a visible QR code or an URL on a printed poster can help increase website traffic. Also, they are effective ways to track how many people took action on your printed material.

3. Stand out in a crowded advertising space
By combining print and digital, your brand differentiates itself from the common marketing tactics that customers are used to. Print advertising can drive a larger and more engaged audience to social media platforms, but ensure that it catches the attention of the consumer.

For instance, Indiana University used a combined print and digital approach by sending out acceptance letters in branded envelopes, with the hashtag “IUsaidYes”. The University encouraged new students to post a photo using the hashtag on social media, which resulted in more than 4,400 posts.

By blending the two marketing strategies, you can create more memorable experiences for your customers. We highly recommend to make the experience match on both digital and print platforms. Visual elements such as brand colors, fonts etc should feel seamless when the customer moves from looking at a printed poster to visiting your website.

You can easily browse through a wide range of advertising solutions, both print and digital products, at our website. Go get inspired!