5 Must-Haves in Your Media Kit

Media kit, press kit, media package… As the saying goes: “we have many names for the things we love”. We have listed 5 reasons why you should have a media kit. If you haven’t read it, make sure to read it here. If you have, awesome! Keep reading to learn what your media kit should include.

It can be difficult for publishers to find advertisers in the industry who are willing to work with them. Especially when advertisers have different needs. What appeals to one may not appeal to another. This means that your media kit must include details that attract all types of advertisers who are looking for the next solution. Sounds difficult? It doesn’t have to be. You just need to package different types of information into one place.

Let’s dive in to it.

Company details

Introduce yourself and let advertisers gain a better understanding of your company. The description may include company details, brand guidelines, images and logos. Perhaps you have an "about us" page on your website? Simply slim it down and add it to your kit.

Target group information

You have to be clear about your target audience. Who are they? Gender, age, education, lifestyle, income… the list goes on. The advertiser does not want to waste money on advertising to the wrong audience. Explain in detail what type of people you reach with your brand. The more details the better!


Explain where you offer advertising spots. Whether it’s a spot in a newspaper or a feature on the radio, make sure to be detailed about what type of channels you have. You can also strengthen your credibility by giving an example of a successful advertising campaign in one of your products. Make it trustworthy!


Like we mentioned earlier in the article, different types of information attract different types of advertisers. To some people, reliable business data in form of numbers and statistics is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to making decisions. Present a chart of your statistics or a document of KPIs in order to support your credibility even further.

Contact information

The media industry is often on a tight deadline. To avoid missing any opportunities, make sure to indicate who is the best person to contact regarding press inquiries. Make sure this person consistently check their email. You can also complete social media channels to this category.

We present media kits to thousands of advertisers at our website. We notice that media companies with informational media kits attract more advertisers than companies who don't provide these types of details. If you want to gather all your business information in one place, become a part of Ocast. We are happy to help!