Swedens top YouTubers 2024

As the world's largest video sharing platform, YouTube has become a go-to destination for advertisers looking to reach new audiences. In Sweden, where YouTube has a thriving community, advertisers have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most famous YouTubers in the country.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most influential Swedish YouTubers who have high subscribers and a high reach.

According to a recent list, the top 10 most famous YouTubers in Sweden include:

  1. Familjen Lundell - 1.04 million subscribers - A Swedish vlog channel focusing on the everyday life of the Lundell family. The channel covers topics such as parenting, travel, and lifestyle.
  2. Therése Lindgren - 1.03 million subscribers - Therése Lindgren is a Swedish beauty and lifestyle influencer sharing makeup tutorials, product reviews, and personal vlogs on her YouTube channel.
  3. IJustWantToBeCool2 - 820,000 subscribers - An entertainment channel with a variety of content aimed at a younger audience.
  4. JLC - 750,000 subscribers - JLC's YouTube channel features personal vlogs, challenges, and comedic sketches.
  5. Uppdrag: Mat - 657,000 subscribers - Uppdrag: Mat is a Swedish cooking and food channel with recipe videos, food reviews, and culinary travel vlogs.
  6. Familjen Torsgården - 430,000 subscribers - Familjen Torsgården is a Swedish family vlog channel presenting the daily life of the Torsgården family, run by Johan and Camilla.
  7. Sampev2 - 428,000 subscribers - A Swedish entertainment channel featuring gaming videos, sketches, and challenges, Sampev2 has a variety of mixed content.
  8. Den svenska familjen - 387,000 subscribers - Den svenska familjen ("The Swedish Family") vlogs about the everyday life of the Andersson family. Parenting, travel, and lifestyle topics are the focus, directed by Tom and Maria Andersson.
  9. Emil Hansius - 387,000 subscribers - Swedish gaming and entertainment channel Emil Hansius focuses on gaming videos and challenges.
  10. Gordon Dewoon - 362,000 subscribers - On his YouTube channel, Gordon Dewoon shares vlogs, challenges, comedic sketches, and other mixed content.

Our top 10 list highlights some of the most popular and influential creators in the country. These YouTubers have built up large and engaged audiences on the platform, and as such, they can be valuable partners for advertisers looking to reach new audiences and promote their products or services.

YouTube advertising

But why is YouTube such a great place for advertisers to co-operate with influencers? Brands are able to reach a highly engaged audience that is already interested in what the influencers have to say. As a result of partnering with influencers, brands can leverage the trust and influence that these creators have built with their followers, which can help boost their advertising campaigns' effectiveness.

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