Pop Media: “We Always Aim to Offer the Best Fit for Advertisers”

With a wide range of advertising products in several categories, Pop Media reaches a wide part of the Finnish market. They always strive to ensure advertisers find the right alternative for their campaign goals.

Pop Media is a digital publishing company with niches in a few selected areas. The content is related to everything from movies to music, gaming, and food. Niklas Koistinen, Chief Digital Officer, is responsible for media assets and offerings in digital advertising.

Ads That Make an Impact

Advertisers who choose Pop Media have a wide variety of products to choose from, including display, mobile advertising, video formats, and rich media formats. They also offer Native advertising and different kinds of sponsored content and campaigns on social media platforms.

– Our wide range of products enables us to offer the best fit for advertisers. We always try to present the best alternative to reach our unique audience, says Niklas Koistinen.

Their most popular product at the moment is the rich media format, which has had a big rise lately. Niklas believes that it has to do with advertisers who understand that advertising is not only about targeting the right customer, but also about the impact the ad has on the consumer.

– Precision targeting is becoming harder and harder, rich media seems like a trend that might stick. Great context combined with great creatives should be a winning combo, says Niklas Koistinen.

Best Tips to Advertisers

We asked why advertisers should choose Pop Media. Niklas replied and emphasized that they always aim to find the best solution and result for any campaign goal that the advertiser has.

– I think what differentiates us from other publishers is that we work solely with sites that have a rich context and a positive setting. That, combined with great formats and high viewability, should be a no-brainer for most campaigns, says Niklas Koistinen.

He recommends advertisers to be more aware of how the ad actually works, where it’s presented and how it delivers the message to the consumer. Not all advertising should primarily focus on how far you can take targeting.

– There are definitely campaigns when you need to go down to the nitty-gritty level of targeting. But for most campaigns, I don't think that's the case, says Niklas Koistinen.

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