Dagsavisen: "Why We Believe in Content Marketing"

Dagsavisen is the Norwegian daily newsletter that reaches 1 million users a week, most likely urban people. Marius Floberghagen, Chief of Marketing, tells more about content marketing at Dagsavisen and other advertising offers.

Dagsavisen is a Norwegian daily newsletter with local newsrooms in 5 Norwegian cities. They give the people news, insights, and perspectives on different areas that mean a lot to them. Readers will find little celebrity material and videos of cute animals, but more news, criticism of power, and meetings with people.

Marius Floberghagen, Chief of Marketing

Multiplied Digital Sales and Urban Target Groups

Dagsavisen offers professional advertising opportunities such as print, direct marketing, display, and content marketing. In recent years, print has maintained good condition, but its growth comes from digital ad solutions. In a few years, Dagsavisen has multiplied their digital sales and expect almost 60% growth next year as well.

– We have great traffic and are constantly working to improve the technology. We want our advertisers to get more and more out of their market investments. Delivering good target group solutions at the same time as safeguarding the readers’ privacy is high on the agenda, says Marius Floberghagen.

Dagsavisen is primarily read in cities and close areas. The loyal reader is highly educated with a solid economy and is a conscious consumer who spends purchasing power and takes time making good choices. They look for quality, design, and environmental impact and are willing to pay a little extra for the right product.

– All our debate and opinion content is open to everyone, and this results in meeting many readers and content that is engaging broadly, says Marius Floberghagen.

Content Marketing That Creates Long-Term Behavior

When an advertiser wants to tell a story that will create behavior more long-term than a traditional ad, Dagsavisen recommends content marketing. With the right content, Dagsavisen keeps the reader in the story for a longer period of time. This creates a lasting link between the reader and the advertiser.

– When we hit well, we also create a lasting, positive change in the reader that does not go into oblivion, says Marius Floberghagen.

However, Marius’ advice to advertisers is to not spend too much budget on content marketing if there’s no good story to tell. The purpose of content marketing is to provide valuable information, and he recommends to rather create sales-triggering banner campaigns or similar. Additionally, Marius thinks that most advertisers are concerned with spreading and meeting as many people as possible, and there are few discussions about viewing time.

– I recommend asking your media consultant where you receive the most time with people. At Dagsavisen, there’s guaranteed to find something for most businesses, says Marius Floberghagen.

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