Amedia: “Our Media Channels Reach 2.3 million People Every Day”

Mariell Kversøy Enge, Kommersiell Produktdirektør at Amedia, shares her thoughts on the future of the advertising industry, as well as how Amedia collaborates with advertisers to reach their campaign goals in the best way possible.

Amedia is the biggest publisher of local media in Norway. With over a thousand editorial staff across the country, Amedia contributes to ongoing news coverage in 84 local newspapers, Nettavisen, Nationen, ten local websites, and three professional magazines.

Wide Range of Target Groups

Amedia’s wide reach gives advertisers a good opportunity to reach many different target audiences. More than 80% of the website traffic comes from logged-in users, and advertisers can segment on everything from age, gender, and geography to families with children, cottage owners, and business leaders.

Which type of ad product the advertiser wants depends on the goal of the campaign.

– In general, the video format is the most popular because advertisers usually experience great effects. Fullscreen is also a popular format that provides good visibility and coverage across our media, as well as print. But I would also like to highlight content marketing, where Amedia In-house Agency just won two gold and one silver in the Native Advertising Awards 2022, says Mariell Kversøy Enge.

Reach 2.3 Million People Every Day

Amedia has extensive coverage in the largest cities through the national Nattavisen, Bergensavisen, Avisa Oslo and Nidaros in Trondheim. Furthermore, Mariell says that the advertisers’ message is placed in an editorial context with a high level of trust from the population.

– Amedia is Norway’s second-largest coverage medium and we reach 2.3 million people every day. No one has more local media, and no one can point to local coverage for advertisers as Amedia does, says Mariell Kversøy Enge.

Amedia offers a large space of opportunities within target groups. Mariell says that they document the effect of visibility they sell, thoroughly, which increases the accuracy of the campaigns.

Through our editorial and commercial resources that are present across the entire country, we know Norway better than anyone else.

View on the Future of the Advertising Industry

When speaking of advertising trends in the future, Mariell believes that creativity, great content and the right composition of products and services become more important than formats. The digitalization trend will continue, and investments will shift from traditional to digital products.

– Effect becomes more important than price and coverage. We have seen for a long time that advertisers have been most concerned with price, CPM and impressions. But in the future the effect you manage to deliver through a campaign period will be the most important assessment factor, says Mariell Kversøy Enge.

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