3 Reasons to Include Print in Your Ad Campaign

It isn’t newsflash that the digital landscape has grown strongly in the advertising industry. That’s why we decided to highlight and give appreciation to one of the oldest advertising tools - Print!

Print advertising refers to advertisements in newspapers, magazines, posters, brochures, direct marketing, and several other physical media channels. How people consume print advertising has changed over the years. Many marketers believe that print is falling behind, but we think the opposite.

Unfortunately, print cannot be tracked and analyzed as accurately as with digital marketing campaigns. But there are creative ways to incorporate print into digital channels, as well as physical channels.

In the next part of this article, we explain the benefits of print advertising.

3 Strong Benefits of Print

1.Longer Concentration Rate

The digital impressions that occur around us are usually several at the same time. We get notifications on our phones, while we surf on the computer, and listen to the radio in the background. But when we use print, we rarely multitask with anything else.

Print makes it easier för advertisers to capture the reader’s attention because the person is focused on the newspaper, brochure or magazine. The reader is not distracted by other digital impressions and is more open to the messages in your ad.

2. Communication Stays Longer

The newspaper or magazine is often kept or saved for a longer period of time. There’s a good chance that the reader will open and read the magazine several times. The person will most likely see your ad more times than he would have done if it had appeared on a digital platform.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Print can make your budget more cost-effective. Instead of trying to reach as many people as possible, your print ad can reach an interested audience for a smaller amount, depending on where you advertise. For example, local newspapers often offer several different options to suit most advertisers’ budgets.

3 Examples of Creative Print Advertisements

Below are some of the world’s most acclaimed print ads. These prove that advertising doesn’t have to contain impressive graphic elements or long paragraphs. By using simple elements, the message will be clear and easy to understand.

World Wildlife Fund

Sharks are a big scare for many people, but in this advertisement, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) claims that the ocean without sharks are more terrifying. They are saying that exploiting the ecosystem also threatens human lives. Exploiting the ecosystem also threatens human lives.


An old, but very popular ad by McDonalds. In 2009, it wasn't obvious with free Wi-Fi in public places, but McDonalds promoted its free Wi-Fi in a creative and fun way that many people talked about.


The streaming service HBO announced the Game of Thrones series by covering two full pages with a shadow of a dragon in the New York Times. The eye-catching ad hinted about the dragons that would play important roles in season 3.

Next time you're planning your ad campaign, include print as one of the elements. If you are not fully ready to invest in print, we recommend reading our article on how you can combine display and print in the same campaign. You can find it here!